Hell’s Exiles MC book 1

He’ll stop at nothing to have her… and do everything to protect her. 

Chase Anderson is a leather wearing, Harley riding, narcissistic bad boy. And the older brother of Vanessa’s best friend. Three years ago, the outlaw biker rode his growling hog out of her life, with a taunt that left her heartbroken, humiliated… and angry as hell. 

That day was tattooed into Chase’s mind. Vanessa had been the ultimate curvy temptation. And as a fifteen-year-old goddess, she might have even been worth the jail time. If his father—his Prez—hadn’t sent him away to another chapter, things could’ve been wildly different.

Now Chase is back as the VP of Hell’s Exiles… and Vanessa is finally legal.

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Wickedly naught romance

Hell’s Exiles Series

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