Kidnapped by the Billionaire

The moment the curvy goddess walked into the club, Crispin knew he’d found his mate. What he hadn’t been expecting to surround her was the unmistakeable scent of prey.
The wild-haired and golden-eyed hunk stalking toward Viv, flares an instantaneous attraction which seems to burn her mind…and melt her panties. 
How can a Lion shifter convince a mere human she is his destined mate?
Perhaps a little light kidnapping, with a side order of incessant pleasuring will do the trick.
his book contains: a French lion shifter whose philosophy is "I licked it, so it's mine"; a curvy goddess who insists on calling him Simba instead of his actual name; and all the things good Catholic girls should never do.
If being tied to a bed and pleasured into submission doesn’t get you purring, then this isn’t the pussy for you.

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