Blake is finally coming

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

I’m please and relieved to announce that after 3 long, trying years, Blake is finally coming.

When and where can I get it?

My beta readers are currently working their way through Blake, and as soon as I have it back I’ll make any necessary changes and then it will go to my editor. I’m hoping to have Blake release on or before my birthday, May 3rd. Like most of my book, Blake will be available on all platforms.

He’ll stop at nothing to have her… and do everything to protect her.

Rebecca Anderson is the princess of Hell’s Exiles; young, feisty… and on the run.

Blake Alexander is a natural-born killer, and Hell’s Exiles head enforcer.

Touching her would be a death sentence.

But to Blake she’s a temptation he’s fought too long against. A temptation that might just be worth death.

And when danger comes for her, the consequences can go F**k themselves, because he’ll stop at nothing until the princess is his.

Don’t you just love that cover? Willsin Rowe does fantastic work, and if you keep a loot out for my other books you’ll notice some changes. Chase and Throttle will both be sporting new hardware

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