What the doctor wants… the doctor takes. 

Wealthy doctor Lucas Bane doesn’t need to work. It’s not money that quickens his pulse. It’s the god-like feeling he gets from saving people. The only thing missing from his life is an heir. When Sabrina, the sweet, curvy —and fertile— minister’s daughter, walks into the hospital, he knows he’s found the woman to carry his child.

Naive doesn’t begin to describe eighteen-year-old Sabrina. Her symptoms —hot flushes in her body, strange tingling down there — are completely confusing to her. But her parents being who they are, she’s left with no alternative but to commit her first sin. A lie, which leads her to the hospital and the warm steady hands of her lifelong physician.



Taming His Patient's Desire_2000.jpg

What the doctor awoke… he now needs to tame.

Innocent Sabrina knows what her doctor did was so wrong. He showed her unbelievable—and sinful—pleasure with his skillful touch. A touch which her father, the local minister, has long preached as forbidden outside of marriage. But with every passing minute, and every forceful caress, her desire for the naughty doctor grows stronger.

Doctor Lucas Bane has tasted her sweetness once, and knew instantly he was addicted. With a plan to get her pregnant and claim her for all to see, her blossoming need only fuels his own. And Lucas has the perfect prescription for both of them.



Claiming Patient's Love_2000(1).jpg

What the doctor has lost… he will now reclaim

With rape accusations hanging over Lucas Bane’s head, no one is willing to listen to him. But the wealthy doctor won’t rest until he’s found Sabrina, the innocent girl who stole his heart. And when he has her back safe in his arms, he will stop at nothing to bring down those who took her from him. 

Sabrina knew her parents would never approve of her love for Lucas, and the sinful feelings he’d awoken in her. Kidnapped by her own mother, Sabrina’s belief in her perfect family begins to unravel. Beaten and condemned by her own flesh and blood, she prays for Lucas to save her. And when he does he will claim her as his own.

And no one will come between them again.

Wickedly Naughty Romance Author